Home Improvement

Regarding my focus on getting more in tune with the needs of my home in 2008, I have been doing better with this than with many other resolutions. I’ve been installing magnetic locks on cabinets, I’ve been installing cabinets, I’ve been fixing things here and there, I’ve been power drilling and screw-drivering and hammering and painting… it’s a lot of work, but wow is home ownership a lot of fun.


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Tune Up

Checking in on the 2008 New Year’s Physical resolution I set, I’ve made some decent progress towards where I want to be. I went and had my first physical exam in about a year and a half, and got in to see my dental hygienist too.  Signed up at the gym about two weeks ago, though I’m still only up to two times a week.

Two surprising things that have occurred are that I am in surprisingly good shape for not having worked out in close to a year, and I’m actually considering taking it to the next level and seeing if I can’t work towards getting into running or another more social activity I could do with friends.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Twelve – Mental

My three 2008 goals to improve mental health:

  1. Play more cerebral games such as Scrabble and Crosswords
  2. Listen to podcasts and audio books while exercising, driving, etc. – in downtime
  3. Read a book every week

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Eleven – Money

In 2007 I worried a lot about money. In 2008, I’ll stop worrying so much. Other than that, I hope things will remain roughly the same, but the act of worrying has always seemed a silly way to spend time and energy, and in more cases than not a fruitless one. Be sensible about things, enjoy life, be pound wise and penny foolish rather than the reverse.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Ten – Children

My wife and I are presently attending classed to become licensed to foster. We may foster, we may adopt, we may do neither – this class is, in part, to help us find what is right for our family. Through this experience, though, one thing has been made crystally clear to my heart – I need to spend some of my time, effort, money, and other resources in the pursuit of being a champion for children. It is something I believe in a very palpable way I am meant to do, to make a difference in the lives of our future leaders and society.

This is such a new thing to my heart, that in 2008 my goal is simply to hone in on what way I’m to go about being this champion.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Nine – Spiritual

I attended a service at the church I call home once in 2007. The one time I went, there was a guest pastor from Uganda delivering the sermon. I was so moved by him that I wanted to hop on a plane right then and go help his ministry in their efforts. It was an amazing spiritual experience.

My spiritual life extends beyond my religious beliefs in ways, of course, but it all ultimately ties back into the very highest on my list of life priorities – my faith. I am still as strong in that as ever, but I think 2008 ought to be a return to giving to the community of my faith – those who attend my church and rely on its charity, courage, and strength. In 2008, in conjunction with my giving resolution, I will find a way to volunteer on a regular basis within the community of my faith.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Eight – Travel

In 2007 I actually spent a good amount of my time travelling, whether on business or vacation. Probably at least a month and a half, all added together. This is a good thing.

However, it was never to anywhere I hadn’t already been. This is an area of opportunity for growth in 2008.

In 2008, I will travel to two places within driving distance that I have never been to previously. I will also travel to one place not in a day’s driving distance that I have never been to before. All three of those are considered “at leasts”, and are to all be places I go at least half for vacation and half business (preferrably none of the latter though).

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