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Welcome to the Resolution Revolution

While it makes sense that people have a sense of starting over around the first of the new year, it has always seemed dangerously arbitrary and limiting to tie resolutions strictly to a New Year’s activity. In fact, back in February 2007 I recommended on my Follow Your Passions blog that resolutions might make a lot of sense, perhaps even more sense, if they were made in conjunction with other holidays or events.

Can’t figure out what to get someone on Valentine’s Day? Get together as a couple and come up with Valentine’s resolutions! They’re like New Year’s resolutions, except you do them as a couple, they are about how to be romantic for each other all year long instead of one day a year, and you stick to them. It might sound silly, but maybe you’d discover things about what each other wants or needs, or make it a point to go on a date each week even though you’re married and rekindle your relationship every weekend.

Even less traditional or well recognized holidays might well be good cause to make a resolution. National Pie Day could inspire you to take up cooking a home-cooked meal more often, or spontaneously go on a date with your spouse to eat pie at your local diner once a month (or week, or whatever). The point is, we always change as people through the whole year, so why only set goals to try to achieve at one semi-arbitrary point during the year? Why should New Year’s have all the fun? The Resolution Revolution is about expanding our minds and getting creative about how to spur ourselves into action in fun, interesting ways.


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