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2008 New Year’s Resolution Seven – Friends

In 2002, when my hours at my old place of employment were cut (and the pay and benefits that went with them), I went deep into survival mode. My wife and I got through college, and five years later we both have full time jobs we love and are pretty close to achieving an optimal state of stability in our lives. We accomplished great things in our marriage, and are an incredibly tight, solid unit and team as a result of our struggles and perserverence through them.

A casualty of all this is the amount of time I’ve spent with friends. Outside of work, the time I spend one-on-one with people I consider friends in my life has been minute relative to their importance in my life. In 2008, I am bringing my friends into focus more. My goal is to go out one night each month and just catch up with people I care about and haven’t given the kind of quality attention and focus they have proven countless times to be deserving of.


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2008 New Year’s Resolution Six – Emotional

The past 365 days have been an emotional roller coaster, but by that I mean that it was valleys of “life is good” interrupted occasionally by hills of amazing fortune and mountains of absolutely inspirational events. As years go, if life was even a reasonable facsimile of 2007 from here on out I’d pass from this world a happy, heart-rich man.

But life is not about stagnation. At least I think it ought not be. This year I’m pushing for more. In 2007 hundreds of others came into my life and lifted it up so I could touch the sky. There is an African Proverb about going up in an elevator, though – if you do so, you should not forget to send it back down afterwards. In other words, this year I need to give back and help many more attain their goals, realize their dreams, and spend more of their lives enhancing those parts of their lives they value most.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Five – Giving

Last year I set my first personal goal for the number of hours I volunteered my time for some charitable cause. I served refreshments at a charity golf event, helped raise tens of thousands of dollars from a charity bowling event, helped prepare food for the hungry, read books and did crafts projects with kids – the list goes on, but the point is I beat my goal of 100 hours, reaching a total of 108 when all was said and done in 2007.

Volunteering 100 hours is a nice first step. But what is 100 hours? In the span of a year, we have 8736 hours – 8760 in 2008 with it being a leap year! Surely I can do better than spending slightly more than 1% of my time helping those less fortunate than myself. In 2008, my goal is to bump that percentage up to 2% – 175 hours of volunteer work in my community.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Four – Home

I have such an amazing sense of peace from the fact that my wife and I own our own home finally. I feel strange saying that, since we lived in a condo we owned for the first five plus years of our marriage, but this house is finally a place I call home in my heart. It’s been a great learning experience to take care of a house, so many things to consider that were not necessary before, so much time spent perusing the aisled of Home Depot.

But I’ve put some things ahead of my home ownership responsibilities at times this past year, and having a well run household has come to mean a lot more to me recently. It will make me happier, make my wife happier, and bring an even greater sense of peace from being a part of this little self-contained community. So in 2008, my goal is simply to consistently increase my awareness of what needs to get done at home, what little projects I’ve been putting off, what projects I haven’t even thought of but should probably exist in a more now-based frame of mind for me.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Three – Physical

My strides towards getting my physical health where I want it were decent in 2007, but it’s time to take the discipline I have in so many other areas of my life and apply it to my physical well being.

In 2008, I am going to take care of all preventative measures I’ve been putting off (get my teeth cleaned and a check-up, get a physical exam from my doctor, etc.).

I am going to drink three times as many ounces of water as I do any caffeinated beverages I have in my day.

I am going to exercise in a measurable, reportable, meaningful way three times a week.

I am going to stop eating dessert – it’s just stupid behavior. I don’t get a lot of satisfaction from it, and it certainly is not more of a priority to me than being healthy and feeling great about my body.

I am a somewhat squeezed size 36 waist right now, for the most part. I will be a comfortable size 36 by this time next year.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution Two – Book

I’ve been working on my book Harness Your Passions for a while now (I finished the outline structure over Christmas Break, actually). In the time I have been thinking about the project, I’ve begun to see its progress much like that of a person. In its infancy, we knew it was a bouncing baby book and a few hints about its personality. After a while, it learned to walk and explore the world it is a part of. And in its current stage, it has started asking “why?” of everything around it, seeking the answers to the fundamentals. Eventually it will work out precisely what its purpose for existing is, what its strengths are, and ultimately (I hope) go out and be a productive member of its community.

My goal for this year is to conduct interviews, seek inspiration, read everything I can get my hands on related to passion wrangling, and by this time next year, have a solid rough draft completed.

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2008 New Year’s Resolution One – Nature

Something I have begun to hear a lot about, in the circles I travel and via the media I consume, is the importance of getting out into nature as a means of achieving greater well being, whatever that might mean for each individual. My first resolution of 2008 is to get out into nature more frequently, and to learn more about what the experience of being in a completely natural surrounding can do for the human experience.

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